Sterling silver signet ring


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Microchip shaped ring on a circuit board.

This jewel is made in sterling silver, set with a blue sapphire swarovski crystal.

Ring dimensions: 16mm X 11mm.

Stone dimensions: 12mm X 10mm.

Ring with handmade finishes, dimensions may vary slightly.

1. Choose one of your rings to calculate your size or that of the person you want to give it to.

2. Measure the diameter of the inner part of the ring.

3. Find the correspondence of your size in millimeters and you will know what your size is.

Size Millimeters Size Millimeters
20 19.1 24 20.3
21 19.4 25 20.6
22 19.7 26 21
23 20
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Plata 925 y piedra sintética

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Beautiful and well made
rating 5
This very special ring is exactly like the one I imagined in the book I wrote. To find it, I searched Google with an AI generated image and I was surprised to find it exists! I bought it and when it promptly arrived I was amazed at its actual beauty as a real object. Thank you so much!